Gorkha VDCs

Detailed VDC maps showing settlements, health facility, buildings (used as polling stations), road network, and potential helicopter landing sites.

(Click the image to view bigger image and click JPG to download high resolutions image)

Aaruaarbad VDC Download: JPG (5.08MB)

Amppipal VDC Download: JPG (4.75MB)

Barpak VDC Download: JPG (4.07MB)

Bihi VDC Download: JPG (3.81MB)

Chyangling VDC Download: JPG (8.2MB)

Chhekampur VDC Download: JPG (4.76MB)

Chucnchet VDC Download: JPG (4.19MB)

Deurali VDC Download: JPG (5.82MB)

Dhuwakot VDC Download: JPG (2.86MB)

Ghyachok VDC Download: JPG (2.86MB)

Gumda VDC Download: JPG (2.79MB)

Kashigaun VDC Download: JPG (4.57MB)

Kerauja VDC Download: JPG (4.86MB)

Kharibot VDC Download: JPG (2.82MB)

Laprak VDC Download: JPG (2.44MB)

Lho VDC Download: JPG (4.77MB)

Manakamana VDC Download: JPG (5.61MB)

Manbu VDC Download: JPG (4.22MB)

Phinam VDC Download: JPG (5MB)

Prithivinarayan Municipality Download: JPG (6.02MB)

Prok VDC Download: JPG (5MB)

Samagaun VDC Download: JPG (4.37MB)

Saurpani VDC Download: JPG (9.81MB)

Shriathkot VDC Download: JPG (12.3MB)

Simjung VDC Download: JPG (12.3MB)

Sirdibas VDC Download: JPG (4.32MB)

Swara VDC Download: JPG (10.5MB)

Taklung VDC Download: JPG (8.67MB)

Takumajhlakuri VDC Download: JPG (5MB)

Tandrang VDC Download: JPG (5MB)

Tanglichok VDC Download: JPG (3.68MB)

Taple VDC Download: JPG (5.17MB)

Tarkukot VDC Download: JPG (5.18MB)

Thalajung VDC Download: JPG (5.66MB)

Thumi VDC Download: JPG (4.39MB)

Uhiya VDC Download: JPG (3.64MB)