Cryosphere Initiative

The Cryosphere Initiative hosted within the Regional Programme on Cryosphere and Atmosphere of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) focuses on the monitoring of glaciers, snow, permafrost, glacial lakes, and glacio-hydrology with an emphasis on in situ measurements, remote sensing, and modelling.

The Cryosphere Initiative, with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partners, works to establish ICIMOD as a Regional Cryosphere Knowledge Hub to collate and share the knowledge of partners working in the region. Working with regional and international institutions that focus on cryosphere and cryosphere hydrology, the Initiative is enhancing the capacity of institutions in ICIMOD’s regional member countries to generate and access relevant data and knowledge about the cryosphere and sustained cryosphere monitoring. This work will contribute to the development of effective measures and policies for water resources and risk management in the HKH region.


  • To improve knowledge and understanding of the HKH cryosphere and the impacts of climate change on water resources and hazards, and 
  • To build regional capacity for cryospheric monitoring in the region.


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