Tips on Designing Your Poster 

  • An interesting and visually-attractive poster requires planning. First, consider the audience and the main findings you want to present. Next, gather the materials and the information that you want to include. Materials should include the title of the presentation, list of authors, and all illustrations needed—figures, tables, colour photographs, and charts. Avoid visual chaos with many jagged edges or too many illustrations. Try to guide the viewer by using visual logic—a hierarchical structure that emphasizes the main points. 
  • The material should be well-labelled and legible from a distance of one to two metres. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size on white, non-glossy paper. Avoid using fancy fonts. Use upper- and lowercase letters.
  • If you need a very interesting and thorough introduction to posters, please have a look and get inspired here You will find different formats and ready templates. 
  • You can refer to the top five winning posters at the “International Conference on Mountain People Adapting to Change” made available here