Resilient Mountain Village: A Pilot Demonstration Project on Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Dhungentar, Nuwakot

About the project

In partnership with the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) and with support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) began implementing a pilot demonstration project on earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation from April 2016 in Dhungentar, Nuwakot. The project adopts a comprehensive, integrated approach to building a disaster-resilient community. Recognising the socioeconomic vulnerabilities that arise with disasters, particular emphasis is placed on encouraging local engagement and ownership and creating livelihood opportunities in the community. The wide-ranging development and resilience-building activities undertaken in Dhungentar serve as a showcase for sustainable reconstruction and rehabilitation in a post-disaster situation, with a potential for up-scaling and wider knowledge dissemination. 

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"I remember the 1990 (1934 AD) earthquake. It seemed like the earth spun towards the sky. It made everything dance. And it took everything with it—there was nothing left. The recent earthquake wasn’t as bad. But my house was flattened again. I had to struggle once again to build a new house. My youngest son helped me because he lives with me, but the rest don’t even visit me … 

- Kanchhi Maya Tamang, Karamfedi

"I didn’t even know how to use a shovel when I went for the block production training. They said we should learn how to make these blocks and that we would get them for free to build our houses. So I went. We were mostly women there as the men were away working. In 20 days, I slowly learned about the process and about all the materials needed. ...

- Sunita Mijar, Ratamate

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