Solar pump owner: Urmila Chaudhary
District: Bara
VDC: Bachanpurwa
Command area 1.52 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture & cereal crops
Future plans Seasonal vegetables & aquaculture expansion
“Solar Irrigation is a reliable, new technology.” – Ramprit Chaudhary, Urmila’s husband

Ramprit Chaudhary and his wife, Urmila, own a commercial aquaculture farm. They rely on their solar powered irrigation pump to obtain water for their farm. They have been practicing aquaculture farming for the past five years, and just recently switched to solar irrigation. Although the pump has only been installed for a short period of time, the Chaudhary family is already noticing its effects on their farm and livelihood. 

Aquaculture is now the main focus of their farm. However, their family has been engaged in traditional farming for generations. Ramprit, eager to adopt modern practices, took up aquaculture as it seemed to be a new way of farming. His fish farm was a success in every possible way. His only drawback was the 5 HP diesel pump he had to rely on for water. Diesel pumps involve huge fuel costs, especially for the size of ponds that Ramprit owns. They are also notorious for their maintenance costs, and require a lot of attention and labour. The diesel pump was an outdated way to irrigate his modern farm.  

Ramprit then heard about a promotion event for solar powered irrigation. He was intrigued by the idea of a new technology that could potentially provide an alternative to the diesel pump. During the promotion event he was amazed how easy the system was to use and even more impressed with the fact that there was no fuel costs involved. The system had a high discharge that would be suitable for his aquaculture ponds, and it would provide reliable access to water. He later invested in the system and is satisfied with his investment. 

As they have access to a far more reliable source of water, the Chaudhary family is looking to expand their agricultural practices as well as their aquaculture farm. Ramprit wants to try new crops. Before, he grew cereal crops along with his fish farming, but now he wants to expand into seasonal vegetables. He is able to produce surplus food and often sells this at the local market for extra income. 

The Chaudhary family has big plans. Since the installation of solar irrigation they have seen an increase in their production and income. Following their success with the solar irrigation system, they are looking forward to future possibilities.