Solar pump owner: Rupiya Devi
District: Bara
VDC: Kolvi, Ward 7
Command area 0.84 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture, vegetables, cereal crops
Future plans Expansion & commercialization of current crops, unseasonal vegetables
“Agriculture is always advancing. To stay successful, your farm needs to develop too.” –  Devdath Chaudhary, Rupiya Devi’s husband

Devdath Chaudhary and his wife, Rupiya Devi, have found a source of livelihood in agriculture after Devdath retired. Devdath had worked as an agriculture technician for nineteen years. He had been working in the agriculture sector for so long that he was looking forward to devoting his full attention to his farm. During his time as a technician, Devdath was exposed to many different practices and technologies in agriculture. He saw first-hand how the farming profession was constantly developing over the years. So when his neighbour Rambabu installed a solar powered irrigation pump, Devdath was quick to notice the benefits that the new technology offered.

Devdath at that time was dependent on a canal to supply water to his crops. The canal had been drying up and he feared that he would be left without a water source. Then he installed a 5 HP diesel pump. This pump was able to supply water, but it was expensive to maintain and unreliable. Once his neighbour introduced him to solar irrigation, Devdath and his wife were on board to install their own system. They are thrilled with the results. 

After the installation of the solar pump, Devdath had reliable access to water. He had witnessed the success of Rababu’s aquaculture farm, and now that Devdath had plenty of water, he also ventured into fish farming. With solar irrigation Devdath has seen an influx in his income as well as production. He is now sending extra crops to the market and investing the money back in his farm. 

Along with aquaculture, Devdath hopes to start cultivating unseasonal vegetables that will fetch higher prices at the market. Right now he is growing cereal crops and summer vegetables, but he has enough water to be able to try new crops. Solar irrigation has allowed him the flexibility to experiment with different crops, and so far he has only seen success. 

The Chaudhary family has been engaged in farming for generations. Devdath has a son who is currently abroad, and has started his own business, but one day he will return home and inherit the farm from his father. When asked if he would like to see the farm become more commercialized, Devdath said no. He explained that he has no plans to expand commercially and wants to continue farming on a small scale. The farm meets his family’s needs and they are content. Solar irrigation has contributed in making them successful subsistence farmers, and to their ability to live comfortably without the need for commercial expansion.