Solar pump owner: Kusum Chaudhary
District: Bara
VDC: Bachanpurwa, Ward 8
Command area 1.52 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture & cereal crops
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture
“Solar irrigation has inspired me and I have had great success with it. Now I am inspiring others to use this new technology.” – Birendra Chaudhary, Kusum’s husband

Birendra Chaudhary and his wife, Kusum, own one of the largest aquaculture farms in Bara, comprising 14.8 hectares of land. They have been engaged in fish farming for the past three years and have made a big impact in the area. Four years before he invested in his own aquaculture farm, Birendra had invested privately in another farm. After seeing the success of local aquaculture farmers, he was inspired to start his own farm. He is now a leader and a source of inspiration in his community. He believes in modernizing farming and introducing new technology in an age-old profession. This belief led him and his wife to investing in a solar powered irrigation system. He relies on the system to provide water for his farm. 

Birendra thinks that the solar irrigation system is proving to be a smart investment. It doesn’t involve fuel or operational costs, nor any maintenance expenses. It’s simple to operate—you simply turn it on when you need water and turn it off when you don’t. Earlier he didn’t believe that this technology was for pumping water. This changed after he attended a demonstration of the system. He was the first person in Bara to install the system. Since then many others in the community have followed in his footsteps and have had similar success.  

With Birendra’s newfound success with solar irrigation, he is planning to expand his business. He is trying to adopt new technology for packaging and drying fish for shipment and expansion. All in all, he wants to move towards modern and mechanized agriculture. He also wants to get more land and add more ponds to increase his production. His son helps him manage the farm and will inherit the family business. This inspires Birendra even more. He wants to pass down a legacy that will allow his son to prosper as a farmer. 

Solar irrigation has brought the Chaudhary family immense success. The family is now leading the community in development and become a source of inspiration. They are hoping to expand further in the near future. Their investment in modern practices is continuously paying off and they are confident they will only find more success in the future.