Solar pump owner: Indrawati Devi Chaudhary
District: Bara
VDC: Bishanpurwa, Ward 3
Command area 0.15 hectares
Current crops Cereal crops and seasonal vegetables
Future plans Expansion of current crops
“New technology like solar irrigation will ensure the success of my family’s farm through generations.” – Krishua Prasad, Indrawati Devi’s husband

Krishua Prasad and his wife, Indrawati, are completely dependent on agriculture. They grow cereal crops and seasonal vegetables throughout the year. Their family has been farming for generations and Krishua and Indrawati are deeply motivated to continue this practice. Krishua wants to make his ancestors proud by carrying on their legacy. His children too are actively involved in the farm and will continue the family profession. Krishua is devoted to his farm, and in order to make it more profitable he and his wife invested in a solar powered irrigation system. The pump and the land are under his wife Indrawati’s name. A discount is offered on the irrigation pump if both the land and the pump are under a woman’s name. The provision is aimed at empowering women through agriculture and modern technology. Solar irrigation has brought Krishua great success so far and he hopes his sons will enjoy the same kind of success in the future. He believes that modern technology is the key to increasing farm productivity. 

Krishua wants to preserve the family’s farming legacy and he believes the best way to do so is to keep working for bigger and better things. If his farm continuously expands and produces more, it will achieve greater stability for his sons in the future. Solar irrigation is a cheaper way to irrigate his farm, compared to a diesel pump, for instance; thus it can provide more income, which he can reinvest in improving his farm. 

However, he has realized that the reduced cost of irrigation is just one of the many benefits of the solar powered system. Krishua is now seeing an increase in his production, substantially reduced fuel costs, and a decrease in workload. Solar irrigation is providing Krishua with expedited development, which is beyond his initial expectations. Not only is he saving money, he is also saving time and labour and increasing his production. This has made him confident about the the future of his farm and about his son’s ability to maintain and expand it in the future. 

Krishua’s greatest priority is to ensure the success and stability of his family’s farm. Solar irrigation is helping him move quickly and steadily towards this goal. He hopes that his family’s legacy will continue and that the farm will grow and thrive through generations.