Rajan Kotru

Regional Programme Manager

Transboundary Landscapes

Dr Rajan Kotru is a development specialist with over 25 years of experience in conceptualising, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating research and development cooperation projects, mainly in forest ecosystem dynamics and sustainable natural resource and watershed management. He holds a PhD in Forest Management and Silviculture from Ludwig-Maximillians University, Munich, Germany, and Master and Bachelor degrees in forestry sciences from the same university. Born in Kashmir, India, and having worked in the German Alps and in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, Rajan has a rich knowledge of mountain development issues and innovative solutions. He has worked in Bhutan, China, Germany, India, Nepal and Pakistan for WB, DFID, GTZ, and KfW. He brings a seasoned policy and management practice outlook to watershed management, forestry and livelihoods, local governance, decentralised water governance, forest ecosystem services, monitoring and impact evaluation, and institutional building.