Adaptation to Change

The overall objective of the Regional Programme on Adaptation to Change is to enhance resilience and to support adaptation by vulnerable mountain communities and ecosystems. The programme develops adaptation mechanisms and works with partners to promote them; it seeks to capture indigenous knowledge on autonomous adaptation and to contribute to planned adaptation by providing scientific support. It seeks to promote innovative livelihood improvement and sustainable natural resource management strategies to ensure continued ecosystem services and to promote adaptation. Particular attention is given to the challenges and role of women in adaptation. Building on ICIMOD’s long experience, a range of interrelated strategic priorities at different levels (local, national, regional, and global) will be used as a framework for community-focused ecosystem-based adaptation. Outcomes will include tested adaptation strategies for improved livelihoods and adoption of changed policies and practices for better adaptation in the region.

Goal: Improved resilience and livelihoods of mountain women, men, and children of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region through adaptation to socioeconomic and environmental change including climate change.

Outcome: Adaptive capacities of women, men, and children of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region facing socioeconomic and environmental change, including climate change, enhanced and supported through appropriate policies and practices.


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