Geospatial Solutions

The vastness and remoteness of much of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region has often been a barrier to development and to research. Over the past two decades ICIMOD has worked to breach this barrier by developing and institutionalizing remote sensing and geographic information systems in support of development policies and to assist science-based decision making at many levels. In particular, it has worked with both international and regional partners to provide access to data and information, to integrate analysis and modelling, and to develop interactive mapping and spatial visualization. The result is that ICIMOD is now internationally regarded as a regional resource centre for geo-information and earth observation application with a specific mountain focus. ICIMOD is also committed to capacity building in this area; the regional member countries have benefited from ICIMOD’s short courses and training programmes and have gone on to establish GIS hubs in their own countries.

Over the next five years, ICIMOD will:

  • provide innovative approaches to support the Regional Programmes through integrated data management and a spatial analytical framework;
  • customize new technologies in geospatial science to adapt them to mountain-specific situations within ICIMOD’s Thematic Areas; and
  • continue to build capacity with regional member countries and to promote partnerships and regional cooperation for information sharing and exchange.

Acting Theme Leader

Mir Abdul Matin


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